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Case Study I: Commercializing Technology
  • A pharmaceutical company in India had developed its manufacturing & research capabilities and wanted to commercialize its research products in the domestic market. They approached GCV Life for technology commercialization. In addition to this, our team also assisted them to identify their improvement areas to streamline their domestic operation which was an on-going process and provide strategic direction in implementing changes.

Our Approach:

To meet this situation, we addressed the following research objectives:

  • Estimation of the technology’s market potential.
  • Based on company strengths and weaknesses determine the best commercialization strategy: Licensing, Co-marketing, Other alliances.
  • Prepare business case for the new technology/molecule by
    • Technical & medical rationale â€?product highlights, indications, comparative study, dissolution profile, regulatory status
  • Business rationaleâ€?
    • Market opportunity estimate, Expected growth forecast, Expected ROI for the partner
  • Identify potential alliance partners.
  • Assist in deal-making.

For the on-going process:

  • We understood in detail, their current business operations and management’s strategic vision.
  • We then identified their key improvement areas related to spread across therapies.
  • Portfolio and Research Pipeline spread across therapies
    • Marketing and Sales operations to cover â€?specialty selection, targeting, promotion, positioning, sales force, coverage and structure.
    • Information management.
  • We then set specific quantifiable milestones to track performance against set initiatives.
  • Finally, progress was monitored and determined if any course correction needed.
  • The potential partner was identified and the technology commercialised in domestic market.
Case Study II: Entry Strategy
  • A renowned biopharmaceutical company in an emerging country wanted to enter Indian terrain.

Our Approach:

We helped the company by solving the following objectives:

  • Prioritize market entry strategy.
  • Develop country specific market entry & establishment plan.
  • Finding and managing vendor partners.
  • Find the right R&D partner/contract manufacturing partner/clinical development partner in India.
  • Find potential investors and licensing partners using our experience and industry contacts to get you funding for business.
  • Assist in development of an acquisition/licensing strategy.
  • Develop strategic rationale for transaction.
  • Help with regulatory advice and cross-cultural negotiations.
  • The company has established itself in the Indian market.
Case Study III: Establishment of a Patient Centric Model
  • Healthcare delivery in India had evolved with focus on doctors and hospitals more than on patient. In recent times, “patient-centricityâ€?is becoming the focal point of healthcare delivery. However, this concept of ‘owning the patientâ€?has still not been successfully tried by healthcare companies in Indian market. One of the top 20 Indian pharmaceutical industry approached GCV Life to evaluate this patient centric model in a particular therapeutic.

Our Approach:

To meet this challenge, we developed a patient centric business strategy for the company. Additionally, our team also evaluated in detail the prevailing & emerging business models in that specific therapeutic area. The project addressed the following research objectives:

  • Estimate market size and map disease cycle to identify gaps.
  • Therapeutic market Assessment.
  • Map individual disease progression and treatment options to arrive at key opportunity segments.
  • Estimate current size based on patient numbers, incidence, prevalence & detection rates, availability of newer technologies, existing market estimates etc.
  • Identify opportunity gaps.
  • Identify newer & existing technologies and innovations that fill the opportunity gaps.
  • Scanning the global & domestic disease space to identify products & solutions to fill-in opportunity gaps across
    • Awareness
    • Diagnostics
    • Treatment &
    • Supportive therapies
  • Market access strategic framework through integrated disease management approach.
  • The company evaluated the patient centric model and have applied it in the Indian terrain.
Case Study IV: Commercial Due Diligence
  • A private investment firm was looking to conduct due diligence in support of the potential acquisition of a certain biotechnology company. The firm approached GCV Life to address its need.

Our Approach:
  • To meet this challenge, optimistic, realistic and pessimistic scenarios were developed, and the potentialtarget's current product offering was thoroughly evaluated. In addition, the biotech company was analysed to determine if it was adequately positioned to take advantage of the Biosimilar industry.
  • Additionally, the team evaluated the implications for growth in the target's top-line over the next three to five years.
    Evaluation of the sales projections:
    • How robust are the current and future sales projections of the target company in the key business units, viz, domestic sales (both owned and traded brands), exports and pipeline products?
    • Assessment of the company’s ability to compete:
      • How well is the target company poised to seize the market opportunities both in the domestic and global market?
    • View on the corporate future strategy and market intelligence:
      • What are the key risks and opportunities the target company will encounter over the coming three to five years?
  • Based on the results of the research, the private investment company was capable to determine if the potential acquisition would result in a long-term benefit for the company involved.

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